Production, Development & Design



We are unique among all other brands in that we develop and produce 99% of our products on our own. We have expert staff that combine top design and craftsmanship with technology through innovation.

We have created a complete production process – from selection of the materials to handmade finishing, while our commitment to quality and the use of modern technology to support the mastery of craft is a living tradition that connects the past, present and future.

The material used in making cravats, scarves and shawls is pure silk, cashmere, wool or other materials of exquisite quality. The patterns on the fabric are achieved by using two techniques: print, or alternating weave of multicoloured silk threads, while to achieve special effects, 24-carat gold or laminate can be woven into the fabric in addition to silk, cotton, wool or flax fibres. When making shirts, we use high-quality cotton and pay special attention to detail.


Through development we create entirely new products, new product lines, complementing the existing lines, improve the product or simply reposition the product to satisfy the wishes of the market.

New product development is the most valuable way to the perfect product range and desirability, even though this is a process which in itself has a great deal of risk. Thanks to development – some of the most remarkable products in our range saw the light of day and proudly occupy a place in our showrooms, delighting our customers.

The main sources of ideas are innovators and customers because the greatest number of good ideas come from them, and our employees. We are a successful company in today’s global world precisely because we listen to our employees and draw ideas from their creativity and innovation.


Our design department employs versatile educated experts in the field of fashion, textile and clothing design, who develop creative freedom of design with research and have mastered traditional techniques, but also with the help of lifelong learning and fostering innovation.

The objective of the design department is to develop creative skills outside the box and the dictates of fashion trends, and to find new approaches and solutions in design through research, experimentation and freedom of expression.

In cooperation with other departments, the department of design decides on the themes, colours, fabrics and designs to create a collection. It creates trends and new designs, while using top quality production of materials and modern techniques.

The job design has multiple challenges, because we create for various international markets. With our design we create trends on the local market, but we follow the particularities of other individual markets.

We draw inspiration from street fashion, films, exhibitions, flora and fauna details, travel, culture, and the media. Customers are always at the centre of our focus; we strive to enchant them with patterns and fabrics every time they enter a CROATA boutique.

Product concept and design is the work of an interdisciplinary team, and almost all finished products are produced in Croatia, in our own facilities, thanks to a well established strategy and a strong team.