Product Categories


Potomac has developed a wide range of products made of high quality materials. Since we master all the processes of product creation, we are able to compete with our assortment on all markets and wishes.

Based on many years of experience in creation and design, and with thorough knowledge of the complete complex product development process, we are able to develop a wide range of products for the purposes of our own collections,  as well as for products made to order, which meet our partners’ and customers’ high requirements for business clothing and gifts.

Thus we are able to meet the diverse needs of the market and of different target groups of customers.


We produce about 100,000 cravats made of exquisite silk and other materials, through various development and production processes. The vast majority of them are handmade and are distinguished by the various details of their flawless execution.

Cravats, the first and still the richest category of the Potomac company product line, are designed and manufactured in a wide range of models, styles, sizes, designs, colours and materials of different types of weaving and quality. From classic cravats, bow ties, and festive cravats to the ascot – modern variants of cravats for fashion-conscious men, as well as women.

CROATA cravats made of the finest silk, in very small batches, with a unique design, and a great proportion of hand work, particularly stand out. CROATA cravats and scarves are unique by their motifs taken from the rich treasury of Croatian and world cultural heritage.


Scarves and shawls are another large category dominated by silk scarves and shawls of various dimensions and designs, produced in a wide range of techniques and types of silk fabrics. In addition to silk, scarves and shawls made of other materials (wool, cashmere, viscose fibres, etc.) are also developed and manufactured, for daily outfits as well as formal occasions, for men and women.

Women hold especially dear the CROATA scarves and shawls, which attract attention with their unique design and colour combinations, fashionably interpreting the motives of the interlace and Glagolitic script always in a new way.


After the cravat, shirts were soon introduced in our offer as an indispensable part of the duet with a cravat. We offer men’s and women’s business and dress shirts of various cuts, sewn in top-notch fabric. Our shirts are characterized by their fabrics, tailoring skills and an elegant silhouette. Each customer will find something to their liking, and considering the fact we master all development processes, we are able to satisfy every desire.  CROATA shirts for business and formal occasions are synonymous with superior style. They are sewn from carefully selected top-notch fabric. We would like to highlight classic business shirts of various cuts, tuxedo shirts, and the Dubrovnik luxurious line of shirts in the higher price range that is at the very top of our offer.


We offer the luxury service of personalized shirts and cravats that each customer can create according to their taste and size, in a fabric of their choosing. The entire process takes place in a specially designed private lounge where customers are assisted by staff providing advice in style.


CROATA accessories, made of top quality leather, in combination with silk and leather, as well as metal, elegantly complement the fashionable business look of men and women. They are also a gift anyone will be happy to receive.

Our collections of fashion accessories offer a variety of business bags, wallets, various cases, belts, gloves, shirt cuff-links, cravat pins and other accessories, in several variants depending on the colour, the structure of the leather or silk and model.

We are capable of satisfying everyone’s wishes because we work with top quality Croatian manufactures.


We have also developed part of the program for formal occasions from the CROATA Festum line, including vests, formal cravats, plastrons, cummerbunds and bow ties.