Business Standards


The Potomac company operates according to all modern business principles. With key elements, such as exceptional product quality, design innovation, marketing approach and intense public communication, the Potomac company has become recognisable worldwide and made its products exclusive in relation to local and foreign competition. The Potomac company is present in public with numerous culturological projects, followed by the local and foreign media.

Through its own retail stores, Potomac markets the Croata brand products primarily on the domestic market, and on foreign markets through its branch offices, representatives, distributors and agents.

The Potomac company designs, creates, produces and sells silk products, cravats, shawls and women’s scarves, men’s and women’s shirts and fashion accessories. Internationally, it is known as the holder of the CROATA fashion brand, which is the backbone of its business.

In terms of communications, CROATA has become an original expression of the wealth of Croatian and world cultural heritage.

Awards and Recognition

In 2011, the founder of the Potomac company and the non-profit organisation Academia Cravatica, Mr. Marijan Bušić won the GRAND PRIX award for the project A Cravat Around the Arena, and was awarded the Order of Danica Hrvatska with the face of Marko Marulić for merit in culture and promoting the reputation of Croatia in the world.

The President of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipović awarded Marijan Bušić, the founder of the Potomac company and the non-profit institution Academia Cravatica, for special merit in promoting the identity, reputation and recognition of the Republic of Croatia in the world.

The company with the most original concept in retail sales

In the desire to bring the story of the cravat, its history and meaning closer to our customers, we created a new concept in retail sales – the concept of museum in a store window. This is an exhibition space within the retail space, and the concept of a museum in a store window (shop museum), is an example of museological realization presented to the wider international museum community as a type of specific shop form inspired by local heritage.

We incorporated the concept of shop museum in our boutique at the Peristil in Split. It saw its world premiere in the summer of 2008, while its professional verification was carried out at the conference “Best in Heritage” in Dubrovnik in 2008 and at the first professional conference of the European Forum of Company Museums, held in Milan in the same year, where our project was highlighted as the most original example of interpolation of retail space and a museum exposition.

The CROATA boutique in Rijeka stands out due to its concept entitled “From the history and ancient history of the cravat”. The story of the cravat, its history and meaning is integrated within the retail space. This is an exhibition space within a retail store, a museum of sorts within the Croata boutique.