A Word From The CEO


Originally, the cravat is a symbol of love and loyalty, freedom and responsibility, human dignity and unity – many now almost forgotten human values. We live all those values, and we express them through every single one of our products. How could we do otherwise, when they are deeply woven into the philosophy of the company and each of our products.
It is without exaggeration that I can say that our business is innovative because it tells the story of the cravat in a completely new way.
For us, a classical fashion statement begins with the cravat and builds on it: “The cravat is a symbol of dignity and elegance of the person, a sign of solemn and joyful moments. But the cravat is also much more than that. The cravat has, in fact, changed the appearance of the modern man. Shirts, previously “closed” throughout history, opened up and got the collar; the suit opened up and got lapels… in order to emphasize the cravat, which endowed the entire figure of a man with a tone of rectitude, a new vertical line. The colour scheme also changed: the former “patchwork of colours” on suits moved to and focused on the cravat as an expression of personality…” said Marijan Bušić, the creator and founder of the company. “A scarf, shawl, tied in a knot, was actually the first cravat. Therefore, the classical feminine expression begins with the scarf or shawl. It transforms and imbues the female figure with a dignified tone and femininity.  The female shirt and suit, like their male equivalents, have adjusted in their development to the cravat, which was originally created in the relationship between a man and a woman.”
The values of the company are also demonstrated by setting new trends – we are unique, special and different, as can be seen in the unique design and high quality of the products. There is a story behind each of our products. In addition to the exceptional product quality, the story of the cravat and stories about the design and patterns were the key element of differentiation that made the new product exclusive and ensured its successful market positioning. We love our products and our customers feel this.
The long term goal of the Potomac company is to establish and raise the global standard in the production of exclusive cravats, shirts, scarves and shawls throughout the world and have a Croata boutique in all the major cities of the world. On the market we want to be present with products of outstanding quality, unique designs and symbolic power. Accordingly, in the years to come, Potomac plans to increase production, marketing and sales capacities. However, in all this expansion, we do not want to lose authenticity. Our product has a soul and this is of utmost significance.  –  President of the Board of Directors, Franjo Bušić.
With a unique business concept on a global level, Potomac creates new values with clothing as a true measure of freedom and responsibility, self-assuredness and dignity of women and men.