Word of CEO

Originally, the cravat is a symbol of love and loyalty, freedom and responsibility, human dignity and unity – many now almost forgotten human values. We live all those values, and we express them through every single one of our products. How could we do otherwise, when they are deeply woven into the philosophy of the company and each of our products.

– Franjo Bušić

Our History

The company Potomac d.o.o. was established by two pioneers of change, who redefined a series of aspects of the fashion industry. Dissatisfied with the approach to cravats and male and female classical fashion in general, they brought new life to that key fashion accessory, taking it back to its spiritual roots. In 1990 they established the Potomac company in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Production, Development & Design

We are unique among all other brands in that we develop and produce 99% of our products on our own. We have expert staff that combine top design and craftsmanship with technology through innovation.

Through development we create entirely new products, new product lines, complementing the existing lines, improve the product or simply reposition the product to satisfy the wishes of the market.

Our design department employs versatile educated experts in the field of fashion, textile and clothing design, who develop creative freedom of design with research and have mastered traditional techniques, but also with the help of lifelong learning and fostering innovation.

Our Portfolio


A premium luxury brand offering a wide range of neckties, scarves, shawls, shirts and fashion accessories.


The modern brand for confident man and woman which is appreciating the unique style of each individual.


Šestine brand still offers great quality products, but at a lower, more affordable price.


Targeted at young professional segment. Offering more basic and casual designs relevant to target customer group.


Kaptol 13, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
+385 1 645 7010
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