Together to EU funds – INFO


Project name: Implementing IKT solutions towards the better business of POTOMAC GRUPA d.o.o.

Project partner/user name: Potomac Grupa d.o.o.

Short project description: Within the project POTOMAC GRUPA d.o.o. is planning to acquire sophisticated informational-communicational business solutions and needed hardware equipment infrastructure in order to efficiently solve key issues and non-efficient organization at the level of analyzed business processes.

Project goals and expected results: By investing in new IKT solutions POTOMAC GRUPA d.o.o. will solve key issues of doing business and inner connection of business processes, drop of efficiency and high material costs as a result of manual and repetitive labor.  

The project will optimize and integrate 8 business processes, make a significant reduction of material costs and implement traceability within production. All of the above will ensure further growth and development of the firm as well as strengthen its position at foreign countries markets with assuring positive influence at targeted groups of individuals and end users – employees, buyers and interested public media.

Total project value: 1.913.775,00 HRK

Part financed by EU: 996.049,73 HRK

Date from and until the project is to be fulfilled: from 30.11.2019. till 30.05.2021.

Person to contact for more info: Krunoslav Lenić