Potomac products are made in Croatia


Social impact, with emphasis on economic, environmental and social responsibility and efficient business operations, are the absolute priority of Potomac. Consequently, the company's approach to ethical commerce supports the commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.  

 Potomac further emphasizes the core values of its vision and mission through constant exploitation of the energy of creative thinking and by promoting a culture of positive change within its own organization, as well as through business partnerships. This is also brought about through extensive engagement in the community and social and environmental impact and commitment to expanding the global community. 

Supporting the community

Through sponsorships and donations the company each year helps a large number of humanitarian organizations, charity events and various cultural, sports and entertainment events. Social responsibility of the Potomac company is also confirmed through the establishment and support of the non-profit institution Academia Cravatica (AC), aimed at researching, developing and promoting the cravat as a part of Croatian and world cultural heritage.

One way of creating social capital for which the Potomac is also most famous is the founding and sponsoring of the non-profit organization Academia Cravatica, whose task and mission is the research, preservation and promotion of the cravat as Croatian and world heritage.

The culmination of the work of the Academia Cravatica was the art installation "Cravat Around the Arena" in 2003, whose image has travelled the world and has been seen by more than a billion people.

Some of the more important and impressive cultural projects sponsored by Potomac include projects such as "A Cravat Around Croatia", the project ''The Tie in the Rye'', a popular international exhibition "The Cravat Challenge" (Cairo, Johannesburg, Split, Sarajevo, Mostar, Vienna , Warsaw, Berlin, Sofia, Santiago de Chile), the documentary film "Cravat!" which has been screened in a dozen countries around the world, the project "World Cravat Day" (18th October), the establishment of the "Museum of the Cravat" in Zagreb, published papers and many other projects, which have in one way or another enriched the Croatian cultural heritage.

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Combining commitment, knowledge and creativity of employees with corporate financial support, Potomac supports innovative organizations and programs in its community. For a number of years, through donations and sponsorships, it has been encouraging the promotion of Croatia in the world and the world cultural heritage, supporting the cravat as the most original authentic souvenir and business gift, and a sign of recognition of citizens of the cravat's homeland.