Fashion Brand Portfolio

Potomac has developed several brands, which have, each in its own way, become recognizable and appreciated internationally due to their original design and top product quality. The Potomac group offer can be summed up as follows: an ideal based on elegance, responsibility and business success which find the best ways to express themselves on every occasion - from formal events in the business environment to celebrations.



CroataAn exclusive, world-famous fashion brand, best known for its top quality cravats, scarves, shawls and shirts made from the finest materials, in small series and further refined by hand finishing. What makes them unique are also the motives which are taken from the rich treasury of Croatian and world cultural heritage, to which they belong. The CROATA fashion brand is the choice for those who want something special, inspiring and luxurious. www.croata.hr


BanModern brand for confident men and women who nurture the individual style of each individual, quality-oriented and with hand finishing. The business and trendy fashion brand BAN is characterized by clarity of line, contemporary design and attention to detail. The Ban fashion brand is positioned in the mid-price range, offering uncompromising quality together with competitive prices.


ŠestineThe lowest priced brand in the portfolio for the target market with a lower purchasing power. The Šestine fashion brand is positioned in the low price range, offering quality together with the most competitive prices.


TrenkThe target market of this brand are young business people. Its characteristics are a simple design and an informal style, at affordable prices.


This series of cravats is made in larger numbers. It is intended for tourists who buy them as a gift.


In all of our fashion brands we prefer Croatian manufacturing and design, so that 99% of total sales are covered by products manufactured in Croatia, despite the fact that we cover all price ranges.


Our product range includes: cravats, shirts, scarves, shawls, vests and fashion accessories for men and women, for business and formal occasions.